About Refuge

Our main youth service on Sunday’s is known as the “Refuge”.

Our mission is to rescue, restore, and revive those around us for God.

Rescue - those who are in need physically, emotionally, and spiritually Isaiah 61:1

Restore - those that are separated from God, and provide opportunities through which they can come to know God. Psalm 80:19

Revive - those that lack purpose or direction giving them new vigor and zeal. Isaiah 57:14-16


“Beyond Belief” (our Wednesday night service from 7pm- 8pm), will take you a step further than just believing by letting your faith be filled with purpose and mission.  With praise band practice, drama practice, and more we allow our student the opportunity to use their gift for a higher purpose and mission.

If you have questions or would like more information please feel free to contact our youth pastor Adam Farnsworth at the church office.
(740) 423-8442

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